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Conditional Fee Agreements

A CFA is often referred to as a “no win, no fee” arrangement.

If your case has a good prospect of success a CFA may be an option worth considering. If your solicitor is working for you under a CFA it is likely our barristers will be willing to do so as well.

Under a CFA your barrister agrees a basic hourly or daily rate and a percentage uplift (up to 100%) on that basic fee. If you and your barrister are ultimately successful, the other side pay your barrister’s basic fee and percentage uplift on that sum. If you and your barrister are not successful, your barrister does not get paid.

You will need to take out an “after the event” insurance policy to cover your liability to the other side in the event they win. Essentially CFAs allow you to proceed with a claim although you are not in a position to fund the litigation.

Each individual barrister must make their own decision whether to enter into a particular CFA. The barrister concerned will consider the merits of a case including the legal, evidential and practical risks involved and decide whether they are willing to act.

Thomas More Chambers will use model agreements provided by the Personal Injury Bar Association.

Conditional Fee Agreement
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If you require any assistance about Conditional Fee Agreements or how we use them, please contact the clerksroom.

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