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Fraudulent Emails

We are aware that, in common with many businesses, the name of Thomas More Chambers is misused by others for illegitimate purposes. In particular we know of a number of bogus e-mails (sometimes letters and faxes) sent to individuals all over the world, which claim to be from Thomas More Chambers or individuals from Thomas More Chambers.

These communications take different forms. Some indicate that the addressee of the e-mail/letter has control over the inheritance of a substantial sum of money, and go on to ask the recipient for personal information and/or money. Others suggest that employment in the UK, and visas to travel to the UK, will be provided once affidavits have been paid for and personal details provided.

These communications are not genuine. They are not from Thomas More Chambers, and are part of a scam where our name is used illegally and without authorisation. We do not send unsolicited emails asking for money or personal details. We have reported them to the police when appropriate and are taking steps to try to stop it.

Should you receive a communication of this type, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, provide your personal details. We strongly recommend that you simply ignore it, and do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the email/letter to you.

Further we have seen one example of an entire bogus website which had been created by unauthorised use of material from our website, for use in attempting to defraud the unwary. This site, and any others like it, have nothing whatsoever to do with Thomas More Chambers. They are not under our control and are not operated by us.

Further details of this sort of scam, and the steps being taken by the UK Authorities to stop it, can be found on the website of the Metropolitan Police Force https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/fa/fraud/personal-fraud/.

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