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In addition to its impressive arbitration practice group Thomas More Chambers includes a number of distinguished internationally based and experienced arbitrators, the majority of whom are full time arbitrators.

It is often difficult for parties and/or solicitors to identify suitable arbitrators when faced with nominating an arbitrator at the start of the arbitration process. Our arbitrators are not only highly experienced but are sensitive to the commercial requirements of parties in an arbitration and the need for an efficiently managed and effective process.

Our arbitrators have considerable experience in sitting as sole arbitrators, party appointees and tribunal chairmen. They have considerable experience of a variety of jurisdictions, legal systems, in either a commercial or investor-state context, using the rules of the leading international arbitration centres, including the LCIA, ICC, ICSID, DIAC, HKIAC and the SIAC. Our arbitrators are also well experienced at handling ad hoc arbitrations. Our arbitrators have a wealth of practical experience across various industry sectors, including: energy (up and down stream oil, gas, water and power); real estate; banking & finance; construction; telecommunications; intellectual property; mergers & acquisitions; bioscience; and nanotechnology.

Particular emphasis is placed on the efficient running of cases and ensuring that parties keep to directions and timetables so as to ensure the earliest possible issuance of awards and orders. Our arbitrators are also acutely aware of the importance of issuing awards that are enforceable in the respective local courts which is often the principle concern of parties.

We also offer a “coffee table” overview service where our arbitrators can be instructed as external dispute consultants to advise both Claimants and Respondents on tactics, strategy, the framing of interim applications and likely outcomes, quantum calculations and jurisdictional challenges/issues. This facility can be of particular use to parties’ solicitors and counsel who may be unfamiliar with the arbitral process and the interpretation of relevant arbitration laws and the rules of the leading arbitration centres.

For information on fees and availability, please contact Stuart Sellen or Craig Brown, both of whom have significant experience in both domestic and international arbitrations and would be happy to discuss any requirements.

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