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Thomas More Chambers includes several distinguished internationally based and experienced mediators, some of whom are full time mediators.

Civil and Commercial Mediators

It is often difficult for parties and/or solicitors to identify suitable mediators when faced with a dispute that is not progressing well enough along the judicial or arbitration path and / or where parties realise that mediation could offer a unique framework to work out a solution agreeable to both parties, cutting costs down, gaining time and removing the uncertainties of any verdict. Our mediators are not only highly experienced but are sensitive to the commercial requirements of parties in a mediation and the need for an efficiently managed and effective process.

For information on fees and availability, please contact Stuart Sellen or Craig Brown, both of whom have significant experience in both domestic and international arbitrations and would be happy to discuss any requirements or specifics.

Family Mediators

Mediation is an opportunity for people who are in dispute about family matters to make arrangements for the future in relation to finances and/or their children. A family mediator will facilitate discussions between two clients so that they can consider their options and propose solutions in a calm and measured environment. A mediator never imposes an outcome on the clients who are always the ultimate decision makers.

Encouraging the use of mediation assists in the resolution of disputes and helps to avoid the worry, time and cost associated with court-based litigation. On average mediation costs less than half the costs of litigation and it is much faster according to a report by the National Audit Office.

Thomas More Chambers mediators are trained by Resolution and the Family Mediators Association. They are legally qualified practising family Barristers with a wealth of experience. A mediator may provide factual information as to what the law is, but cannot advise a client.

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