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Areas of Practice:

• Family
• Direct Public Access


• Family - Public Law and Abduction proceedings


Rima is a specialist practitioner and has extensive experience in family law with a particular expertise in cases that involve international and cultural issues, finding that she is assisted by considerable experience appearing in the Higher Courts with a great understanding of the particular specific needs of parents when representing people of differing ethnic groups and religion. Likewise, her entire career having spanned many years of representing individuals who have additional often interlinked difficulties, in respect of matters such as housing, immigration and mental health issues has aided her comprehensive understanding and ability to meet their complex needs in care proceedings in a sensitive and caring manner. She is adept at dealing with matters at short notice and has an energetic and longstanding commitment to ensuring that those marginalised in society are not excluded from the support and assistance that they require.

Her background in regularly presenting complex matters in the Higher courts when challenging government decisions requiring the analysis of law and policy has paved the way to her considerable expertise in analysing complex medical research material and challenging experts fearlessly in cross- examination of the same supported by written arguments as required. This being of considerable assistance in matters concerning allegations of non-accidental injury which may have conflictual expert evidence.

She has been described as “meticulous in all aspects of her work “and “extremely impressive in cross-examination with the ability to extract key information to pave the way for a positive outcome in proceedings “.

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